New type of thermal insulation material—propor sandwich panel 2020-03-19

Xiamen Shengqian Steel Technology Co., Ltd. has introduced a new type of thermal insulation material (propor sandwich panel). The basic principle of Class A fire insulation board is adopting particle fire insulation film technology and using co-polymerization modification to make EPS monomer particles have fireproof substances. The same characteristics, and the use of micro-phase composite technology to form a fire insulation film on the surface of each organic particle, so that each particle forms a relatively independent organic particle fire prevention unit.

In the event of flame, a continuous honeycomb structure is formed to block the heat and block the flame from spreading and penetrating, preventing the occurrence of combustion.

The advantage of core material propor:

Xiamen Shengqian Steel Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing propor wall sandwich panels and propor roof sandwih panel, Mechanical fixing parts are used to fix the extruded polystyrene to the base wall. It can be used in winter as usual; good stability and corrosion resistance: long-term use, no aging, no decomposition, no harmful substances, its chemical properties are extremely stable, it will not be degraded due to water absorption and corrosion, which will reduce its performance, It can still maintain its superior performance in high temperature environment. The propor composite sandwich panel has different layers of different materials with different functions.

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