Steel Building Z Purlins Installation 2019-05-09

Steel Building Z Purlins Installation

1, Determine the top of Z purlins, some designed purlins and roof steel beams on the flange is not fully touched,there will be a little gap.

2, Steel building Z purlins and purlin support connection is generally bolted,Z purlins support should have an opening, corresponding to a good hole in the purlin, and purlin vertical limb should be affixed to the bolt,then can be tightened.

What's purlins?

In architecture, structural engineering or building, a purlin (or historically purline, purloyne, purling, perling) is a horizontal beam or bar used for structural support in buildings, most commonly in a roof. Purlins are supported either by rafters or the walls of the building. They are most commonly used in metal buildings, though they sometimes replace closely spaced rafters in wood frame structures.

The purlins of a roof support the weight of the roof deck. The roof deck is the wood panel, ply board, or metal sheeting that creates the surface of the roof. When made of wood, it is usually covered with some sort of weatherproofing and sometimes an insulation material.

Several kinds of purlins exist. They are divided into categories based on the material from which they are made and their shape. Different purlins are used for different purposes, including structural support of walls or floors. Purlin is important because without it, there’s no frame for the sheeting on the roof to rest on, making purlins critical to the structure of the

Purlin Types

There are three types of steel purlins: Rectangular hollow section (RHS), Cee or C purlin and the Zed or Z purlin which is shaped like a letter Z.

C channel is made of galvanized steel strips by the method of cold-bending formed.The surface treatment is galvanized or bared. It has many advantages compared with traditional structural steel, such as light weight, excellent performance cross-section, high-strength and so on.

Cee purlin or C purlin is shaped like a squared-off letter C. C Purlins are horizontal structures that are used to support the load from the roof deck or the sheathing. The plane surface of this purling on one side has made it a preferred material for cladding due to its easy installation on concrete structures or steel. Cee purlin should be light in weight and perfect for simple span construction.

C Purlins are often used for structural support in walls and as floor joists in addition to roofs. Cee purlins may also be used to form braces, ties, or columns in sheds.


Optimum quality / Easy installationHigh / tensile strength / Abrasion & corrosion resistance


Ability to span length

Purlin erection is easier than others

Fast to erect and easy handling

No side drilling/cutting required

Assured dimensions and straightness

High durability, versatility and uniform quality

Low transportation cost due to decreased weight

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