Environmental building material propor sandwich panels

Propor Sandwich panel is one type of noncombustible sandwich panel that is made by propor and prepainted steel sheets.
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    500 meters
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Propor sandwich panel has the following advantages:

Product characteristics

1, A class flame retardancy

The real gold plate overcame the shortcomings of the flammability of the traditional EPS foam board. In the process of production, the flame retardants were stirred, extruded and froth at low temperature. The flame retardant materials were made into the fire prevention and isolation storehouse of the honeycomb, and the flame propagation, non ignition and non spread were blocked, and the safety was very high. Fully meet the A2 and B1 fire protection standards specified in the Ministry.

2. Heat insulation

A-grade fireproof insulation board continues the advantages of low thermal conductivity of traditional organic insulation materials, and has better thermal insulation effect than common phenolic boards and foam boards in the market. Make the building more energy-efficient and make the living room more comfortable.

3. Superior performance

The real gold plate is a closed spherical molecular structure, with relatively light weight, good size stability and non-toxic. After repeated high temperature - drenching cycle and several heating - freezing circulation, no seepage cracks, no surface layer bubbles, empty drums and shedding phenomena. The real gold plate has better hydrophobicity than rock wool, higher strength than phenolic plate, better toughness than foam glass, no water absorption, no powder removal, toughness and easy construction.

4. Convenient construction

The construction technology of gold plate and traditional EPS plastered exterior insulation system construction process is almost identical, construction of thin plastering construction, will not exist, other new materials difficult problem of employment.

5. High cost performance

Gold plate retains the advantages of traditional EPS foam like "low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation, the first mature technology", and the cost is low, the price is far lower than the market on this class a flame retardant insulation material, cost advantages, market prospects.

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