About fire-resistant rock wool sandwich panel 2020/03/17

About fire-resistant rock wool sandwich panel

Fire-resistant rock wool sandwich panel and its production process realize the composite of rock wool and steel plate into a whole through automated equipment in the factory.

Therefore, the previous method of on-site compounding of rock wool panels has been changed. Under the premise of meeting the requirements of building thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, etc., it has achieved the purpose of high quality, high efficiency, reliability and safety.

Rock wool density: 120 ~ 150kg / m3
Plate type: 950 groove type, 950 corrugated type (flat, reinforced
Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

Application :
It is widely used for ceilings and partitions of steel structure workshops, roofs of simple mobile homes, walls, and air clean rooms.  Rock wool sandwich panel can generally be customized according to customer requirements to achieve the best fire resistance.

Fixing method is firm and reasonable

Rock wool roof panels are fixed with special M6 self-tapping screws and purlins, which can effectively resist external forces such as typhoons.

The self-tapping screws are set at the crest position on the upper surface of the roof panel, and a special waterproof structure is used to avoid the occurrence of waterproof weak points.

Short installation cycle

Rock wool sandwich panel, because secondary processing is not required on site, not only can keep the surrounding environment tidy and does not affect the normal progress of other processes, and can greatly shorten the installation cycle of the board, the average daily installation area of rock wool sandwich panel reaches 600 ~ 800㎡.

Anti-scratch protection

During the production of rock wool sandwich panels, a polyethylene protective film can be pasted on the surface to avoid scratches or abrasions on the surface coating of the steel sheet during transportation and installation.

rock wool sandwich panel fire-resistant sandwich panel

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