Two main differences in the cost of galvanized C purlins and galvanized Z purlins 2020/03/17

(1) Cost of transportation. Galvanized Z-shaped purlins can be placed on top of each other, so the cost of z-shaped purlins is much lower than that of galvanzied c-shape purlins when transporting the same weight. And stacking z-shaped purlins can save a lot of construction site area

(2) Through a simple comparison of the previous mechanical properties, under the same load conditions, based on the basic knowledge of structural mechanics, the cross-section size of z-shaped purlins designed as continuous beams is smaller than that of C-shaped purlins designed as simply supported beams, and  preferred z-shaped purlins have a great impact on reducing costs.

To sum up, the following two points can be obtained from actual engineering design experience:

1. When the span of roofing purlins is greater than 10 meters, high-frequency welding of light H-shaped steel should be used:

2.When the roofing and When the wall span is less than 10 meters, the rafters and z-shaped rafters each have their advantages and disadvantages. The z-shaped rafters have a wider range of use and better mechanical performance, and should be preferred. However, flat roofs and local structural treatments require the use of purlins.

Therefore, when designing a building using steel purlins, according to the actual situation of the project, z-shaped purlins should be preferentially used, and a small number of galvanzied C-shaped purlins should be configured to make the design as safe, economical and reasonable as possible.

galvanized C purlins

galvanized Z purlins

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