What is the EPS sandwich panel and its characteristic 2020/03/15

The EPS sandwich panel is a home improvement board composed of a two-layer formed metal panel and a polystyrene board core that is foamed and matured directly in the middle of the panel. Because it uses a closed-cell molecular structure for filling, it can avoid condensation of water vapor. Its flame retardant insulation and noise isolation make it very popular in construction and decoration.

As such a common material, foam sandwich panel has the following characteristics:

1. Beautiful appearance, the appearance of the sandwich panel has quite clear lines.

2. Easy installation, foam sandwich panel is light and easy to install. Because of its light weight, it can be cut at will when it is plugged in and installed. It is simple and efficient to install, while improving efficiency, it can also save construction time.

3. Strong plasticity. This advantage is due to the fact that it can be cut arbitrarily and can meet the needs of decoration and construction in various environments.

4. High strength. The foam sandwich panel uses high-strength steel plate as the basic material, which has high tensile strength, advanced design such as roll forming, and excellent structural performance.

EPS wall sandwich panel as below

lightweight eps wall sandwich panel

EPS roof sandwich panel as below

waterproof eps roof sandwich panelss

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