Wutong Wharf project with floor decking sheet and purlin 2020-02-19

Wutong Wharf has convenient water and land transportation, especially it is only 9.7 nautical miles from Taiwan's Jinmen Shuitou Wharf, and the sailing time is about 30 minutes.

The existing software and hardware facilities such as the terminal building, customs clearance channels, customs clearance support capabilities, etc. have been upgraded and upgraded. The plans for berthing, operation scheduling, and emergency handling of abnormal shifts have been gradually improved. Staff adjustments have been completed and job training has been completed to ensure that passengers travel to and from the two sides Provide quality services.

The completed terminal building was put into use in December 2016, and the terminal's supporting capacity will reach more than 3 million passengers per year.

Our company provided tens of thousands of square meters of floor plates and purlins for this project within 15 days.

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