How to Prevent Lightning on Color Steel Roof ? 2020-05-20

The lightning protection of color steel roof is very important for the safety of metal roof.

Here are six elements for the design of lightning protection system:


1. The flashover function of lightning protection devices outside and inside the building;

2. The diversion effect of the downline;

3. Equilibrium potential of each part in the building;

4. The shielding protection of various internal equipment;

5. Grounding effect;

6. Reasonable distribution of various internal lines.

Generally speaking, it is the external lightning protection system and the internal lightning protection system.

In terms of lightning protection, the current buildings are mainly designed according to the lightning theory and six factors of lightning protection, including the installation of multiple lightning rods or lightning nets, and the use of lightning strips.

No matter what kind of lightning protection system is adopted, the lightning protection effect must first be considered, the protection of the internal equipment of the building, and the construction realization should also be considered.

Therefore, the lightning protection system of the metal roof is a difficult project. The lightning protection form of the roof must be selected, and the off-line work must be done well, so as to ensure the safety of the building and ensure reliable safety for the person and equipment.

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