How to choose the model and thickness of the steel decking sheets? 2020/03/31

Steel decking sheets are mainly divided into open type , dovetail type, and closed type. Among them, open type steel decking sheets are the most economical and economical, and closed type steel decking sheets are the most cost-effective.

In addition, no matter what type of steel decking sheets, the higher the utilization rate, the cheaper the cost, the utilization rate = effective width / raw material feed width.

galvanized steel decking

The choice of the thickness of the steel decking sheets is mainly based on the thickness of the sheets and the distance between the secondary beams of the steel structure. This calculation has technical content. He calculated it based on the section modulus and the moment of inertia of the floor plate. Under normal circumstances, the floor thickness of the floor will be about 120mm, we will recommend customers to choose a higher rib height. Such as: YXB76-305-915, YXB65-185-555, YXB65-240-720, some of our retail order customers, because of space requirements, hope that the thickness of the sheet is as thin as possible. Steel decking sheets of 100mm, even 80mm, 90mm are available, so we will recommend customers to choose low ribs, because the code stipulates that the thickness of bond deck concrete is at least 50mm higher than the ribbed top.

closed type steel bond deck

In terms of load, we generally follow the calculation of stress during construction in accordance with the specifications, with a uniform load of 1.5KN / ㎡ and a concentrated load of 2.2KN / ㎡. Of course, this needs to be provided by the customer, which will be explained in the general design drawings. Some projects usually have equipment floors or floors with relatively large loads. The sheets thickness of these floors will be thicker, and the construction load and later load will be relatively large. We usually recommend that customers use thicker galvanized steel plates first.

Steel bar truss girder

Of course, we will also consider the most suitable board type according to the various needs of customers, such as fire protection requirements, the area or surrounding environment of the building, use and other conditions, and more.Xiamen Shengqian Steel Technology Co.,Ltd welcome your inquiry.

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